How it works

1. Select the physician

Find a physician in your area who will take a blood sample and fill-in the request for the test with you. View the list of physicians

2. Appointment with the physician and collection of your blood sample

Blood sample collection is most often performed between the 11th and 22nd week of pregnancy. At the clinic, your blood sample will be taken and sent to the lab for analysis.

3. Payment for the test

If you agree with the physician, you may pay for the test directly at the clinic or at by payment card or by making a transfer to our account.

4. Blood sample analysis

The blood sample is analyzed using our own special methodology.
The laboratory will inform you about the status of the test by text messages (SMS).

5. Results and interpretation

The laboratory sends the results to the treating physician usually within 5 to 8 working days, depending on the type of test. Your physician will interpret the test results for you.

Results of

and TRISOMY test +

  • The result of the test is interpreted by the indicating physician.

Results of

TRISOMY test Complete

  • The result is interpreted by the indicating physician.
  • In the case of a high-risk result, the test includes a free-of-charge verification analysis from a sample of amniotic fluid obtained by amniocentesis using our diagnostic GenomeScreen prenatal test.

Results of

TRISOMY test Complete
+Cystic fibrosis
+Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

  • The result is interpreted by the indicating physician.
  • If you are at a high risk, the result and the next steps should be discussed with the indicating physician.